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A Moment on Earth
B here now
Feeling hopeful. Wonderfully colorful out my windows. Packing for Boston, NV.
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Today's dump, tomorrow's mines.

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Perhaps religion is our way of feeling it's right to have more than one's share.
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It's not just for tombstone anymore.
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We're having a cold snap, 2 nights below -20* and another forecast for tonight. Turning inclination to virtue, i'm keeping a small carbon footprint, staying indoors, doing deep housework, at least a room or 2. The dormer room is all fresh and dedogfurred, mostly. Ready for company coming . Now on to our own room, i try to change our sheets at least once a month, whether they need it or not. We're a pretty clean old couple. I put on a second down quilt for tonight. I'm glad my old dog doesn't need long walks. She comes in all a-shiver after 8 minutes. The sun is bright, it's windless, frozen.
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Today I renamed all my Teddy bears Mohammed, also my stinky little pomeranian dog. The cat will be known as Jesus.

Current Mood: pessimistic pessimistic

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We walked to Crater Lake today, perhaps the last time before the skiers take it over. We walked on 2 inches of snow and the lake has a scrim of ice. It was cold "as a witches tit" when we started (a Petzoldt description from the last century) but the sun blazed. Woody got to ride part way in my new Patagonia pack/bag, in her sweater. The world's most pampered dogs can be found on that walk. But that icy snow balls up in her feet.
Sharon and Anne like to get an I Ching reading from the trees that have fallen into the lake over the years. They are different every day. Today's hexagram suggested that when there is difficulty at the beginning there is no blame.
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I'm just back from a weekend in Yellowstone and Bozeman with long time friends from there and afar. We had one night in a room in Old Faithful Inn with a perfect view of Old Faithful from our beds. Heavenly. The bison were teeming, little do they know what Grand Teton has in store for them. It thrills me to see so many of them. I wish every cow in Wyoming were replaced by a buffalo, elk, antelope or deer.
I dreamed of a mountain lion last night but it wasn't aggressive to me, it just ate small prey. It was a dream so like one i had a few nights ago but that night it was a wolverine eating my hens. (I don't have any hens.)
Yellowstone had snow up high, blazing colored leaves lower. Bozeman is at color peak, it seemed, so gorgeous. And perfect weather for us. These are the good old days.
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If you were a moslem would you be a shi'ite or a Suni?

If you were Jewish, would you be Orthodox, Conservative or Reform?

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